Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Email Day

In Fall 2014, I decided to throw my name in the hat for the Fulbright Fellowship. I didn't think I would win, but I've never deterred from a challenge of applying to anything in life. I knew that winning the Fulbright was extremely difficult, that this prestigious fellowship is reserved for the select few, so I was sure not to keep my hopes high. Moreover, I was not serious about living abroad for a whole year; but as with all things in life, I told myself I would cross that bridge when, and if, I got there.

On March 19th at 11:37am, I received an email titled "Fulbright Application Status (P)." I'm not quite sure what the "P" stood for -- maybe it meant 'pass', in the "sorry, you didn't make it, we're passing your application" way. I was at work and it was almost lunch time, so I opened the email on my iPhone, knowing I'd be reading a rejection email. I already had the mushy-gushy sentences running through my head; "Thank you for applying...there were too many strong applicants this year...we wish you much success in your other endeavors... come again.." and blah, blah, blah.

Much to my surprise, though, the email started with a "Congratulations!"

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