Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Videos from Barcelona

A few video clips I made while in Barcelona. They're not perfect, but they were "in the moment" memories. I hope you enjoy them!

Inside La Sagrada Familia

At the La Boqueria Market

La Casa Batlló 1 - Inside one of the rooms.

La Casa Batlló 2 - Audio tour shows how a mushroom was used in a design.

La Casa Batlló 3 - Audio tour shows dismantling building

La Casa Batlló 4 - On the terrace, half way up.
La Casa Batlló 5 - Video shows a dragon blowing flames and curtains closing as if there were a show; both of these actions are incorporated in the roof and the front of the Casa Batlló, respectively.

La Casa Batlló 6 - On top of the roof. Can you spot the dragon?
Train music - Man playing violin on the train in hopes of donations from passengers.

 Beach - 360-degree view of the pretty beach!

Beach - Final reflections before leaving Barcelona.

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