Friday, August 7, 2015

Some News

First, some good news: I got my work visa on Monday! Woo! I'm so happy to check that off my list. It's a huge relief. I went to the Turkish Embassy on Monday, August 3rd between 9am and 1pm, just as the shrewd lady had advised. When I picked up my passport, the lady handed me a receipt and quickly bid me adieu. While I've had warmer encounters, that morning, I was just happy I got my vize.

Second, some okay news: I've started packing a little bit, but not too much. I can't decide what clothes to take, what items to leave behind, what can be bought in Turkey (like shampoo and soap) and what cannot (apparently index cards). I'm not sure if I should pack some American board games like 'Apples to Apples' or 'Uno' -- would my students even enjoy them? One of my roles as a Fulbright Scholar is to serve as a cultural ambassador for the U.S. Hmm, I need to think some more about how I can best convey the values of America while still keeping the classes fun and engaging. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any!

Third, some exciting news (saved the best for the last): I have received my flight itinerary from the Turkish Fulbright Commission. It's official -- I am flying out on Saturday, August 29th! I will be having a small layover in Le France before arriving to my final destination of Istanbul. In talking to other Turkey Fulbright scholars on Facebook, looks like we are all arriving to Istanbul around the same time. All of us will then have a connecting flight to Ankara, where we will have a two-week Orientation. In preparation for the intensive Orientation, I have checked out some books from the library to learn some Turkish phrases.

This is all becoming real, slowly by slowly. I suppose you can say the countdown has begun.

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