Sunday, September 20, 2015

Konyaaltı Beach

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Today, Alex and I went to the Konyaaltı Beach, a famous resort in Antalya. We left the house at 2pm and waited for the bus on the opposite side of the street...but the buses never stopped for us! Were we doing something wrong? Aren't all buses supposed to stop at a bus station? It was later that we learned that you have to wave at a bus for it to stop. Oh, the things we have yet to learn!

View of Konyaaltı Beach upon arrival.
We decided to walk to Migros Mall and catch a bus from there -- it was a 15-minute walk in the sweltering heat. We got on the right bus, paid a fare of 2TL each, and got off at Konyaaltı Beach. The tourists that we were, we didn't realize there were two sections of the beach: one where you pay for shaded area and pads to sit on, and the other, open to the public like a normal beach. We ended up paying 10TL to enter the shaded area, and enjoyed just lying down and talking. We saw families having fun, people swimming in the Sea, and people parasailing. It was interesting to note that the beach had pebbles, not sand. Pebbles were very rough to walk on! We ate dinner at a nice little restaurant serving delicious kibap sandwiches near our apartment and got home at 6pm.

Enjoy the photos!
Alex and me at the Konyaaltı Beach in Antalya.


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  2. There is YET a lot you will need to learn about Turkey!

    It looks like you both enjoyed your trip to the Beach to the MAX()