Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kemer Weekend

October 19, 2015  
On Sunday, we took Sarah to Kemer, also located within the province of Antalya. (Note: Antalya is both a city and a province; it’s a bit confusing, but bear with me. Whenever I leave Antalya, I will make a special note of it.) Two of our graduate students Yasir and Omer accompanied us on this adventure.

At Kemer, we enjoyed good weather and the beach one last time before summer officially escaped Antalya. Everyone swam except me. Nothing exciting to report except for the beach worker who told me he was single. I congratulated him, as he is a free man, but he proceeded to tell ask me if I would have dinner with him. “I am married,” I told him, hoping that the lie would make him go away. “He is a very lucky man,” the worker replied and walked away. I was flattered but most definitely not interested.

Alex, Omer, Sarah, myself, and Yasir in Kemer.

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