Thursday, April 7, 2016

Isparta Snow Day

February 8, 2016

Enjoying the snow in Isparta one day after my birthday.
I celebrated my first day of being 25 in the snow. Alex and I joined a group of foreign students studying in Turkey whose teacher had organized a trip to Isparta, a city three hours from Antalya by bus. (One of my favorite graduate students from the fall semester, Mucahit, is from this town which is known for rose water.)

We spent the day at Davraz Kayak Merkezi skiing resort. I cannot ski but I had a lot of fun snowboarding and meeting new people. It was so cold! I’m glad I had five layers of clothing on, including two layers of socks. I really wanted to do the lift ride up the mountain so Alex and I did that together. It was freezing up there!! We grilled sausages and ate them in a sandwich for lunch, along with oranges. February wouldn’t feel the same without snow, so I’m glad I got to see some.

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