Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Singing in Turkish Class

With Muzaffer Hocam (left) and Burçak Hocam on our singing day.

On Friday, February 12th, we had a singing talent show in our Turkish class. I volunteered to sing three songs: one in Turkish ("Aşık Değilim Olabilirim" by Nazan Öncel), one in Hindi/Urdu ("Tum He Ho"), and one in English ("Breathless" by Shayne Ward). Those that know me know that I don't shy from opportunities where I present my talents, even if those talents are not really a "talent." Singing isn't my forte, but acting in front of large crowds, challenging myself, and having a good time is. Enjoy these videos from my peers and me. Some of the videos' file size is too large (greater than one minute), so I've posted whatever I could. :)

On a different note, it would a few weeks after this fun singing class that Alex and I would lose motivation to attend Turkish lessons. Driven primarily by our school situation -- or lack thereof -- we stopped attending Turkish lessons for the entire month of March. March was, in fact, the worst month for us as we felt frustrated and depressed, with little motivation to do anything. We would stay up late and sleep in late, with virtually nothing to do or look forward to. We traveled on weekends to escape our situation and reality. We went to school once or twice a week, and students showed up sporadically. More on this later.

Mariya singng "Aşık Değilim Olabilirim"
Rumi and Muzaffer Hocam dancing
Khaled and Muzaffer Hocam singing
Couple from Kazakhstan singing
Students from Afghanistan
Rumi from Ghana

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